Selected Articles

The Check Collector is our quarterly magazine. It has existed under this name since May of 1987.
The magazine was originally printed from negatives created by photography of pasteboards until the October – December 1997 issue, when it was transmitted to the printer electronically. The illustrations in issues prior to the last issue of 1997 are of variable quality. The reprints of pre-1988 articles offered here were done from current scans of the material in order to present significantly improved versions of the originals, in color.

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An Alaska Check,  by Bill Castenholz and Bob Hohertz
Checks of the Downer & Bemis Brewing Company ,  by Bill Kanowsky
Dogs on Checks ,  by Bob Hohertz
Emory Johnson and the Neptune Mill ,  by Jeff Sanborn and Bob Hohertz
The Great Crosby Opera House Lottery ,  by Bill J. Castenholz

J. H. Sherburne, Indian Trader ,  by Herman Boraker
A Marketing Niche: The August Gast & Company Facsimiles ,  by Bob Hohertz
A New RN-X7 Variety ,  by Coleman Leifer
A Railroad Check of Some Interest ,  by Coleman Leifer
Revenue Stamped Paper – The Elusive O Type ,  by Bill Castenholz

An RN X-7 Issued in Mexico ,  by Coleman Leifer
Things on Checks ,  by Hermann Ivester